At Last

The last time I have sat down at a felted table was New Years Day. It has been a long time. The "February Sickness" was part of the reason but to be honest it hasn't been a priority. So, Saturday I decided last minute to be one of 15 people to throw my hat into the ring and see how it would work out. I am glad I did. It worked out well. For a majority of the tourney I was waiting around, taking stabs, but ultimately coming up short. Until I moved tables. I doubled up through The Mark and then Otis and was able to survive to the final table. I only can remember full details of one hand, THE HAND. It was insane.

There were four of us left. The room had cleared and I was sitting on the button. Another Mark was on my left and made it 4k to call. It was 4x BB. I paused. Looked at my cards. I saw AK h. Another Mark is a solid player but I haven't played with him prior so I put him on either high cards or pocket pair. So, I asked myself. Push or fold? It would have been a VERY tough lay down. I knew Another Mark was going to push the action as chip leader until one of the rest of us got knocked out. I didn't think I'd get another hand like this in such a short period of time so, I Pushed. E-Dog, my nickname for him, folded. Mr.Rhett pushed. Another Mark thought for a moment calculating his odds to knock us both out and then finally called. They flip their cards over and I realize I am a huge dog. Mr. Rhett had KK. Another Mark had 88 (something like that). Long story short I hit my A on the river. It was insane and Mr. Rett left pissed. Not just from that one hand but from previous experiences with tourney bubble play. In the end, Another Mark and myself chopped 1st and 2nd. I had about 8-9k more than him going into heads up but for several reason realized it wasn't worth the battle. My poker account has long been at a zero balance and this will correct that. I know my strengths and weaknesses in poker, unfortunately I don't get enough time to tweak my play. This time it worked out well. We shall see about next time.

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