Every time I have tried to sit down and share last weekends experience I hit a road block. This morning I am determined to get through this. I hope I can give it the justice it deserves.

We had a blast. I won’t bore you with our entire trip. I will jump to Saturday night at the mansion and get on with it. I had put together a little outfit that I thought was appropriate for a party at the mansion. (no, it was not a bunny costume, although that would have been cute.) As soon as I get the pics on my computer I will share a few. It was cool yet it scream hot chick. (note to self: don’t wear stilettos to the mansion. The grotto area is made of stone, duh) The Mark had on his coolest and looked very dashing. We had to take a shuttle from the hotel to a check-in area and another one to the mansion. W are a bit of transportation snobs we would have preferred to just drive ourselves but oh well. Once there, it was on. Everyone was having a great time. The silent auction was in full swing with a ton of great items. A friend of a friend from Vegas does body casting and painted one like the queen of hearts. Awesome job. Would love for her to cast mine for free…. There was art, jewelry, trips, etc. The line to the bar was 3-4 people deep. (open bar) The food was really good. They served grilled shrimp, ravioli, salad, etc. There was a separate tent area for the tournament that was started shortly after w arrived. I am sure to have left some people out and I apologize. (jet lag and all) These are the ones I remember speaking with and get photos with:

Mike “the mouth” Matesow, Jennifer Tilley, Phil “the unabomberLaak, Shannon Elizabeth (who was declared the winner), Marcel Luske, Steve Dannemen (2nd place), Annie Duke, Chris Masterson, Kristoff St. John portrays Neil Winters on young and the Restless since 1991, Tony Rock from UPN’s All of Us, and a few more rockers, athletes, and movie producers. All of which were really cool to speak with, hang with, and were there to have a great time. By my accounts they did.

With all the free food and drinks you can possibly consume you can imagine what a great time we had. Of course they provided “eye candy”. There were 4 bunnies out doing photos with everyone. To accompany them were three ladies in body paint. Two full bodies painted for Budweiser and one just partially painted. To see that in person was awesome. It covers more than you might think. Very cool. We had an awesome time and would love to do it again. It was a very quick trip and very tiring once we came back to our reality but very worth it. I can now add The Playboy Mansion to my resume of destinations I have visited. That is an impressive reference and a memory I won’t soon forget. You may be disappointed in my post wondering where all the juicy details are but those are moments I will only share in person not in print. To protect the innocent and guilty.....lol

Thanks to a very special friend who made it happen…love ya, girl.

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