Christmas Cheer

For the past couple of months life has been on fast forward. There have been more family obligations, and more child activities than I can ever remember. This explains why Christmas Eve I fell ill to a horrible, hideous, migraine. I have had to plan each day for just about a month to get all my responsibilities complete. This my be routine behavior for some but one of the rewards of working from my home is a flexible schedule, one that I haven't seen since summer. Anyway, Christmas Eve Day started great. The Mark took the princesses out for a few hours so I could gather presents and clean up for Santa. I rushed around and completed most of what I needed to but in the process forgot to eat anything. Bad Move. I knew the instant my headache began. I immediately made a hamburger and took about 4 aspirin. I knew that would take care of it. By the time I was ready to leave for church service, I had a full blown migraine. The Mark was already waiting for us to meet him at the church so there wasn't any going back now. I popped a prescription pill from my doctor for my migraines and thought I would be good very soon. That unfortunately didn't work either. It wasn't until after we had stopped to eat at Outback and I ate one of the most awesome steaks, ever (I usually don't say that about Outback), that my migraine had finally subsided to a mere headache. I needed that. How would I have ever made it through the night with a migraine. Once home and princesses in bed, I began wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, until 3AM. Then The Mark came out and set some things up for us. This is our routine. It happens every year. No matter how much I try to plan otherwise or prepare myself it doesn't change. When the older princess woke Christmas morning (8am), it was all worth it. Like every child her face lit with joy over all the presents she saw under the tree. She came running to wake us up and a blizzard of tissue paper, boxes, and wrapping paper fell from the sky. What a sight.

Christmas is a glorious time of year. It is so magical. It is also a time when I am most grateful for the wonderful things I have been blessed with. I have been blessed with an amazing husband, delightful children, caring family and friends, all of whom I couldn't my life being the same without them in it. You all are gifted people whom i will always treasure for having know you.

OK Enough of the sentimental stuff. The New Years Bash is still on call The Mark or myself for more details..... We would love to have ALL of friends and family with us.

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