What is going on?

For the past 6 months, I thought why bother. So much has gone on and continues to explode for me that there isn't enough time in my day to blog about anything. The poker playing has been void for some time. Not because I don't want to but due to time restrictions. By the time I get most things done it is 10pm before I get to sit down on any given day.

Instead of taking a trip down memory lane for the past six months I will pick up with a more recent activity. Last weekend was Father's Day, we made a trip to my brother-in-law's lake, got a hotel room, and had a blast. The girls love going to a hotel....I am not sure why children find it so alluring to sleep in a bed thousands have slept before them but they do.

A few highlights:

  1. My youngest princess slide off a slide into the cool lake water, rode the jet ski at 68 mph, and jumped off the side of a second story house boat without any fear......I think if memory is correct her words were: Let's do it again.....come on mom..you try it...... something like that.
  2. The older princess could not be bribed to do any of that. She was happy just swimming and floating.
  3. A storm came by for only about 20 minutes....enough to wash off the boat and cool things down. Felt great.
  4. Hallmark made thousands in revenue from all the cards we purchased.
  5. TheMark donated a bracelet to the lake gods.....treasure diving anyone.
  6. Jax, our family malti-poo, had an accident on a large flotation devices...not funny
  7. Waking up Sunday morning to make "Daddy" breakfast in bed, (sausage biscuit from continental breakfast bar), and opening several presents.
  8. Enjoyed the best blended drinks, ever....favorites were the Mojito and Strawberry-banana....thanks Scott, you need to tell us your secret...
  9. Spending time with family and some friends is always the best for me. It is in these moments that memories are made and we truly can get to love and appreciate each other.

Good Times...........Good Times

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M said...

Fathers Day was wonderfull thanks to you and our beautiful children.