Goddesses Rule

OK so I am a quarterly blogger now . I am not sure how it happened but it has. I have put more effort into things around me and this blog has suffered....which not too many people loose anything over. I started this blog 3 years ago as a method of therapy. Guess I need it more times than others.

I have to admit at times I wish I had a typical 9-5 kind of job. A place where I was like everyone else and could blend in the crowd when I wanted to ....goof off on the job or at least put minimal effort into what I needed to get done. To my surprise for the past 9 years I have loved being a domestic goddess. (like that better than stay at home mom, since i am hardly ever at home). I wasn't so sure I'd like this domestic goddess thing when I first started out. I mean when you graduate high school and college, it is all about what a person does for a living that seems to establish a persons worth to the outside world. Think about how many times you meet someone and they ask you what you do for a living? That is a loaded question and how you respond can be crucial to the first impression you give a person. It is what it is....we judge others based on their jobs, at least at first. So for the longest time I mumbled stay at home mom, not because I didn't like to position but because where I grew up staying at home and not having a career meant you were inadequate in some way or some kind of loser. What I have come to realize, which I knew all along, is that those people are way off. My mind is stimulated in some many different areas and ways that a typical 9-5 job couldn't come close to touching. I deal with all kinds of crap on any giving day. I wake up not knowing what my job is going to hand me and yet I get it done. All domestic goddesses do.....we live in the moment....sure we can plan for things but those plans change by the hour. I have been able to focus on my family, work when I want to, and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer. Isn't that what life is about. Who made up the rule that "we" get soft by working at home instead of punching a normal time clock. I have gone on more vacations and getaway then I ever could have had I had a boss to answer to. All this retrospective therapy helps me to realize one thing as my birthday draws near (next weekend). Thank you to my old boss at LPT. Thank you for laying me off 1 week after my honeymoon. You gave me the best present ever, my life back. I am young, healthy, attractive (if i say so myself), and damn happy with the where my life is and the outlook for the future. I wouldn't trade one thing because if I did I doubt I'd be where I am today or have the wonderful family I do. Thank you to the wonderful man I married. We have so much fun together. Marrying my best friend was the smartest thing I ever did. You keep me young and sexy....I love you. Thank you for the best birthday present ever.....You Rock, babe!

To all my friends and family - Thanks for being there for me when I need you, and for being a part of my life. You all have a special place in my life.

OK...done with all the sappy stuff....my birthday does that to me!

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