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I have been gone for a very long time. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I let other things occupy my time perhaps just not wanting to make the effort. I miss writing. I don't write about anything profound but I find it therapeutic. So read if you like....otherwise it'll just be my online expression.

So many things have happened in my life the past couple of years...some good some bad but mostly I'm grateful for some very special connections in my life. Without my peeps....life wouldn't be as fun or interesting or special. The first connection in my life is my hubby...He is my best friend. Although he may not want me to publish this ...(too bad)..he has such a tender soul. He is kind and generous to others. God blessed him with the ability to forgive....more easily than I can. I admire his conviction and his work ethic. We aren't millionaires but we aren't poor either. He strives to obtain all he can to provide a great life for us but not at the expense of others. Most people in this world do not consider others before thinking of themselves first but he is an exception. Although our personalities are very different in many ways...it works well for us. Second important connection / blessing is my girls. I pray God will guide me to mold them in a positive and loving way. They are my legacy and mark on the world. It is important to me to do a great job in providing them with a sense of self worth they can be proud of. My girls are loving, expressive, full of life, and bring me and others a lot of joy. Third connection in my life is my family and friends. My mother and father are always available to listen to me. They want to hear my joys and my concerns. They make time for me even when it is inconvenient to them. I notice as they grow older and the economy takes its toll on them that they still try to find small ways to connect. I'm so proud of the way they raised me and the value system they taught me. I can also give them credit for my outgoing personality. Yes, I'll admit I'm a little in your face at times but definitely genuine and my heart is in the right place. That may be the "Yankee" in me...who knows?! My dearest friends know who they are. They are the ones I call to share a happy moment or when I need a shoulder to cry on. They are a support and love in my life. They are few in number but bountiful in all areas that matter. Ironically the most important connection in my life I saved for last and one that I have been neglecting.... My relationship with God has been stagnent so I have decided to do something about it. I am rebuilding something I find comfort and joy in....like an old project that needs to be finished... I'm not proud that I have neglected my connection with God but very happy He is so forgiving and non-judgemental. He is a friend for life that won't ever get upset with me...even when I don't return his call, e-mail, text, facebook, or skype. It is a connection I want to rebuild.

Do you want to reconnect with someone in your life? It may not be as profound as mine but reconnection is important and can start in small ways. True friends and loving family will welcome a reconnection with an open heart. The world today is so concerned with money and obtaining things... that it becomes so easy to forget it still takes people to make money and things happen. The connection gets lost. Where are the simple days of chillin' out, picnics, or genuinely asking how someone is doing because you really want to know and not because it is something to say.

Next time you ask "how is it going?" take just a moment to think.......are you just asking to be polite or are you truly interested in finding out about their life. Try taking a moment to ask that same question to someone you really want to know about....how long did the conversation last? ... Did you ask any more questions or share anything about yourself?

Getting to know someone and connecting on a deeper level is so much more rewarding. And they get to know more about you too.....it's one of life's greatest joys.


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Goddesses Rule

OK so I am a quarterly blogger now . I am not sure how it happened but it has. I have put more effort into things around me and this blog has suffered....which not too many people loose anything over. I started this blog 3 years ago as a method of therapy. Guess I need it more times than others.

I have to admit at times I wish I had a typical 9-5 kind of job. A place where I was like everyone else and could blend in the crowd when I wanted to ....goof off on the job or at least put minimal effort into what I needed to get done. To my surprise for the past 9 years I have loved being a domestic goddess. (like that better than stay at home mom, since i am hardly ever at home). I wasn't so sure I'd like this domestic goddess thing when I first started out. I mean when you graduate high school and college, it is all about what a person does for a living that seems to establish a persons worth to the outside world. Think about how many times you meet someone and they ask you what you do for a living? That is a loaded question and how you respond can be crucial to the first impression you give a person. It is what it is....we judge others based on their jobs, at least at first. So for the longest time I mumbled stay at home mom, not because I didn't like to position but because where I grew up staying at home and not having a career meant you were inadequate in some way or some kind of loser. What I have come to realize, which I knew all along, is that those people are way off. My mind is stimulated in some many different areas and ways that a typical 9-5 job couldn't come close to touching. I deal with all kinds of crap on any giving day. I wake up not knowing what my job is going to hand me and yet I get it done. All domestic goddesses do.....we live in the moment....sure we can plan for things but those plans change by the hour. I have been able to focus on my family, work when I want to, and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer. Isn't that what life is about. Who made up the rule that "we" get soft by working at home instead of punching a normal time clock. I have gone on more vacations and getaway then I ever could have had I had a boss to answer to. All this retrospective therapy helps me to realize one thing as my birthday draws near (next weekend). Thank you to my old boss at LPT. Thank you for laying me off 1 week after my honeymoon. You gave me the best present ever, my life back. I am young, healthy, attractive (if i say so myself), and damn happy with the where my life is and the outlook for the future. I wouldn't trade one thing because if I did I doubt I'd be where I am today or have the wonderful family I do. Thank you to the wonderful man I married. We have so much fun together. Marrying my best friend was the smartest thing I ever did. You keep me young and sexy....I love you. Thank you for the best birthday present ever.....You Rock, babe!

To all my friends and family - Thanks for being there for me when I need you, and for being a part of my life. You all have a special place in my life.

OK...done with all the sappy stuff....my birthday does that to me!


What is going on?

For the past 6 months, I thought why bother. So much has gone on and continues to explode for me that there isn't enough time in my day to blog about anything. The poker playing has been void for some time. Not because I don't want to but due to time restrictions. By the time I get most things done it is 10pm before I get to sit down on any given day.

Instead of taking a trip down memory lane for the past six months I will pick up with a more recent activity. Last weekend was Father's Day, we made a trip to my brother-in-law's lake, got a hotel room, and had a blast. The girls love going to a hotel....I am not sure why children find it so alluring to sleep in a bed thousands have slept before them but they do.

A few highlights:

  1. My youngest princess slide off a slide into the cool lake water, rode the jet ski at 68 mph, and jumped off the side of a second story house boat without any fear......I think if memory is correct her words were: Let's do it again.....come on mom..you try it...... something like that.
  2. The older princess could not be bribed to do any of that. She was happy just swimming and floating.
  3. A storm came by for only about 20 minutes....enough to wash off the boat and cool things down. Felt great.
  4. Hallmark made thousands in revenue from all the cards we purchased.
  5. TheMark donated a bracelet to the lake gods.....treasure diving anyone.
  6. Jax, our family malti-poo, had an accident on a large flotation devices...not funny
  7. Waking up Sunday morning to make "Daddy" breakfast in bed, (sausage biscuit from continental breakfast bar), and opening several presents.
  8. Enjoyed the best blended drinks, ever....favorites were the Mojito and Strawberry-banana....thanks Scott, you need to tell us your secret...
  9. Spending time with family and some friends is always the best for me. It is in these moments that memories are made and we truly can get to love and appreciate each other.

Good Times...........Good Times


Christmas Cheer

For the past couple of months life has been on fast forward. There have been more family obligations, and more child activities than I can ever remember. This explains why Christmas Eve I fell ill to a horrible, hideous, migraine. I have had to plan each day for just about a month to get all my responsibilities complete. This my be routine behavior for some but one of the rewards of working from my home is a flexible schedule, one that I haven't seen since summer. Anyway, Christmas Eve Day started great. The Mark took the princesses out for a few hours so I could gather presents and clean up for Santa. I rushed around and completed most of what I needed to but in the process forgot to eat anything. Bad Move. I knew the instant my headache began. I immediately made a hamburger and took about 4 aspirin. I knew that would take care of it. By the time I was ready to leave for church service, I had a full blown migraine. The Mark was already waiting for us to meet him at the church so there wasn't any going back now. I popped a prescription pill from my doctor for my migraines and thought I would be good very soon. That unfortunately didn't work either. It wasn't until after we had stopped to eat at Outback and I ate one of the most awesome steaks, ever (I usually don't say that about Outback), that my migraine had finally subsided to a mere headache. I needed that. How would I have ever made it through the night with a migraine. Once home and princesses in bed, I began wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, until 3AM. Then The Mark came out and set some things up for us. This is our routine. It happens every year. No matter how much I try to plan otherwise or prepare myself it doesn't change. When the older princess woke Christmas morning (8am), it was all worth it. Like every child her face lit with joy over all the presents she saw under the tree. She came running to wake us up and a blizzard of tissue paper, boxes, and wrapping paper fell from the sky. What a sight.

Christmas is a glorious time of year. It is so magical. It is also a time when I am most grateful for the wonderful things I have been blessed with. I have been blessed with an amazing husband, delightful children, caring family and friends, all of whom I couldn't my life being the same without them in it. You all are gifted people whom i will always treasure for having know you.

OK Enough of the sentimental stuff. The New Years Bash is still on call The Mark or myself for more details..... We would love to have ALL of friends and family with us.


Come one Come All

This has become a monthly blog for me. Thank you to my loyal and extremely patient readers.

We are throwing a New Year's Eve Bash. We want to spend this night with our family and friends. We are renting a place, having food, entertainment, and guarantee a fun time for all that can come. Get in touch with me for more details.

hope to see you there.