LPN Results

The ladies came ready to play. We decided to play a no limit tournement w/ 20 minute blinds. There was a wide variety of individuals that arrived, from novice to advanced players. It started later than scheduled due to an equipment issue.

The room had a completely different dynamic than the normal Friday's at "The Mark". As you can imagine with 8 ladies, there weren't any akward silences. There were several times when we had to keep the game moving. I have a solution to that issue for next month already solved. As far as specific hands are concerned, I only remember the hands I was involved in. We had a lot of checking, calling, and min. raises. Not quite what I am used to. I think the ladies were feeling their way around a bit. Most of us hadn't played each other before.

I was waiting most of the night trying to catch some cards. About mid way through I was dealt A6 of diamonds. Raised preflop 3x BB, 4 callers, flop came 2 diamonds, I bet big... Kris raised, I & another player called. To say the least it cost me a chunk of chips on my nut draw that I missed. I did lay it down and saved a few more chips but after that I didn't get any raisable hands until my last.
I had AK of spades in BB. I raised 1075 more to place me all in. I had two callers and Big Slick didn't prevail. Normally I raise big with AK and not push all in but that was the best hand I had seen in a while and to be honest I didn't antisipate any callers.

Here are the results:
#1: Kris / ("Mrs_Blood") - 90 pts.
#2: "Ice-T" - 50 pts.
#3: Bonnie - 20 pts.
#4: Belinda
#5: "Ace High"
#6: Lisa
#7: "PokerBtch" (ms all in)
#8: Natalie (kiss my aces)

Congrats to Kris!

We need to be thinking of some poker names for those who don't have one or those who would like to change the ones others have given them. I will work on that and will probably be asking for hints from players and watching their game to get the one that best describes them.
Just a few that are now available: Luscious Limper, Breadstick Girl, Tilty, Super Suck Outter, and Check Pleaser.

We played cards, drank some liquids, ate some munchies, and most of all had a good time.

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Ice-T said...

Thanks for a great time Friday night! I can't wait to get together again. I totally agree with your comments on playing with the guys. Defintely, a different kind of game.