Well, tonight is the night. Our first, of many I hope, monthly poker nights with the Ladies. I am real excited to be starting such an event. You can truly see how mainstream poker has become over the past few years. Now it is on several cable channels showing various events from all kinds of sponsors. I have always enjoyed playing cards but I have to admit if it wasn't for my husband's infatuation with Texas Hold Em I would have never got into the game. I love it as much as he does. It just goes to show what adrenaline junkies we all have become. Who would have thought the ladies / wives would have their own night. AWESOME!

We are all on equal playing field tonight. Not sure how we are going to structure it. I thought a nice ring game without all the intense "All in" moves but then again maybe the majority will vote for that. I will just weigh the odds when all has arrived.

I'll have to let you know how it goes.
Til then.

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