Btch is Back

TheMark hosted a tourney tonight and there were 9 people in. The short of it all .... I came in first. I was looking forward to a cash game after the tourney but after G-Rob and Blood left, the cash game was gone and the tourney broke up. Otis offered a chop for 2nd and 3rd with Shep and I took first. I had the most chips but Shep was a close second. They chopped to go to another cash game since ours had broken. To be honest, that is bullshit. I am glad I won and I would rather it end the way it did than have it be a donk fest and lose my lead so I caved. It all happened in a matter of 5 minutes and really sucks. They just bailed. I was left cleaning up everyone's sticky leftover shots, ashes, and crap. Why is it that I win the tourney and still get left holding the crap bag. I know why, because I am not about to pull the vagina card and tell my hubby to stay home. I am too good for that. Instead, I let him go have a great time and I sit at home with a buzz and my thumb up my ass. Although that may sound appetizing to some of you, it isn't to me on this particular night.

So there it is my bitch fest is over. Sometimes, it sucks being a domestic goddess.

Perhaps, I can get a group of ladies together somtime in the next millenium to go out and have a night for us while the men are staying home with sleeping kids. Any takers, let me know. Any time, any day.....I am there.....

The sooner the better


BadBlood said...

You do realize that had I known the game was going to be chopped I would have stayed. I bet G-Rob would have too.

Sorry 'bout leaving, but I have the kids this entire weekend, starting at 6:45AM Saturday.

And congrats on the win too. Mark should buy you dinner or something :)

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