Results: Hot or Not

The HOT's have it!

Hey, even as a chick I have to confess bitches at the table are HOT. Let me explain my thoughts on the differences between a "poker woman" and a "poker bitch". (relatively speaking, of course)
I feel a "poker woman" is just an ordinary looking lady that sits at the table knows what she is doing or doesn't and doesn't pretend otherwise. The "poker bitch" on the other hand is a very attractive (hot) guy magnet who exudes confidence, knows poker but doesn't have to shout it out to everyone. She is the one that guys are routing for even though they got knocked out or if she really has her game on, the one the guys at her same table are routing for.

There is always something about the unexpected that is eye catching. At one time it was very rare to see a woman at a table let alone a hot sexy "poker bitch" to flirt with. Now it has become more regular. I have to admit when choosing a table, in Vegas or AC, I prefer to be the only "poker bitch" at the table. It works to my advantage of course. I have played many times where men have commented to me that if they couldn't win it they want me too. That is the essence of the Hot Bitch!

Private lesson on "Poker Bitch" can be schedule....

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