Happy V-Day, Sicko!

Since my last post I have been to hell and back. Tuesday morning I had to do the bowling league thing in the AM and then head to my MD appointment around noon. I swore to myself I wasn't leaving his office without something to ease my discomfort. By the time I left the bowling alley I was feeling really bad. So bad in fact I wasn't sure if I could even drive myself to the MD office. Of course, like many of you can confirm when I need someone, I called The Mark. Actually, we were going to go to lunch but we ran out of time and I felt like the crap on the bottom of someones shoe. He confirmed that I sounded horrible and was so concerned he met me at the MD office. True love comes in many forms and I have certainly witnessed over the past couple of weeks how much The Mark loves me. He sat in the Md office with me for over two hours. It took that long for us to get through it all. By the time I made it back to the exam room, I had a 103 fever, chills, tingling and stabbing pains all over my body, a massive headache, pain when breathing or coughing, and the urge to curl in the fetal position and wait to die. I have never felt this bad in my entire life. My eye sockets felt like someone had lit them on fire. The nurse was the one who had taken my temp. and asked a bunch of questions. One that really kinda pissed me off was: "Do you normally get flushed? Your cheeks and neck are real red and your face seems swollen." OK, I know I didn't go to med school but I don't think there is a person alive that "normally" has red, flushed face and neck or a swollen face. There is something that causes it to happen. And this was after I had told her the list of aliments. After she left, I mumbled to The Mark: "What the hell was that all about. Is my face normally swollen? Was she being for real." (something of that nature)

After 30 minutes of lying on an uncomfortable bed, the Md comes in and I am curled up and not moving. He asks: " What seems to be the problem." I felt like saying: "How the hell should I know that is why I am here." Instead I answered with "well, I feel like crap." That got his attention. This is my OB-GYN and he usually sees me in very good moods so when I let even a little slip like that he knew something was up. He proceeded to ask the same questions the nurse did and then told me I have the flu and bronchitis. He was giving me an antibiotic but to call him in the AM. If the fever didn't break by morning he was going to admit me into the hospital and start an I.V. He also wanted to take a blood sample to run some tests. Now we were sent into another waiting area to get my blood drawn. After about 15 minutes, The Mark asked if we had been forgotten about. The nurse replied that the "lab lady" was on her way back and would take care of me as soon as she arrived. That piece of info would have been nice 15 minutes ago. Under normal circumstances I am a bit nervous of needles. I just can't see them, if I do I pass out. It is that simple. It happened in a dental chair once and he had to wait to finish until he revived me. I was feeling like I was at deaths door so when the "lab lady" came to take my blood, I lost it. I was crying and if she wasn't so fast I probably would have gone into shock. She kept telling me to calm down or I would hyperventilate but the more she said it the more I freaked out. The whole experience was very overwhelming.

So I went home and continued to be a deaths door until my fever came down around 8pm. It really scared my oldest rug rat. When she gets scared she gets overly sweet. That isn't a bad quality I guess. She was doing all she could to help out. The Mark has been wonderful, too. He managed to arrange for someone to pick up both the rug rats from school since we were at the MD office for so long. (big thanks to my in-laws; always there in a pinch) He also took care of everything on the home front. I may give him a hard time occasionally but when I need him he is there, even when he is playing cards.

So, I woke up yesterday in decent spirits. After all at least I didn't have a high fever. I nervously called my MD to find out if he was admitting me into the hospital or if he would give me other directions. He told me as long as the fever was under control that he didn't see the need to admit me. I was feeling like I was getting better so I went to the rug rats school to catch up on a contest I am helping the teacher with, went to the store to get some filet's for dinner, and cleaned up around the house. Well, by 2 pm my fever was back. Not 103 but almost 102 and I had already taken a 12 hour Aleve. So, I took another one and by 7pm my fever had gone down. So, today I am writing this and heading to bed. But my point of writing all this was to illustrate that Valentine's Day can happen any day, not just on Feb. 14th. I do love to celebrate the holiday because on an everyday basis I am not an overly affectionate person. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving love, affection, and attention but not all the time. It gets to be a bit much for me. I just don't like to be smothered. I know it sounds silly but I don't care, so on V-day I like to go all out. Usually, I get a little present, buy the $5 card, and cook an amazing dinner. Well, before getting sick again I was able to at least pick up a few things. The Mark had to execute for me and man did he deliver. He made a Shrimp Cocktail appetizer, Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs, Pan Seared Filet w/ mashed potatoes and green beans. When I came out of the bedroom the lights were all off, the candles were lit, and he even put my juice in a wine glass. The rug rats were in their rooms for part of the meal. It really made me feel special and believe me I needed it. I give him a lot of credit for even trying to do something like that especially since I look like a mack truck ran over me. Haven't been having my best beauty weeks. Even the day care teacher said I looked like death walking. nice... can't blame her I have looked like crap since feeling bad and haven't really done a good job of covering it up.

The bottom line is I am still sick, have no idea when I will be getting better, and have the best husband in the world. Someone who has stuck with me throughout this thing and not complained once. I love you, hon. You have earned alot of bonus poker points this month.

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