My Friend "Otis"

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last blogged. I have been keeping very busy with the rugrats and getting the home front back to "normal" that I didn't realize that I haven't shared anything in two weeks. No wonder I am so uptight. This is like my therapy in ways but I won't throw up on you all at once. I will save some for another day.

I would like to share something with you that I have been thinking about since the end of last week. My youngest rugrat is 3 and she is a movie lover. She has to get her fix at least once a day. She has seen them all and most of them we now own. Most recently, I purchased a movie called: Barnyard. It is a really cute animated movie. She has fallen in love with the film and its main character, "Otis". Now, I know it should be easier the second time around and I should be more attentive but I just forget that they are smarter than they can tell us.

Last Thursday I was picking the rugrat up from pre-school and as always I went through my series of questions about her day at school with her friends. She proceeds to tell me that "Otis" is picking her up from school today. Now, mind you at this point I am not thinking of an animated movie. There is only one Otis that I know and he is a great friend of mine so I thought it was odd for her to tell me he was picking her up from school. He does live close by but never thought he'd offer to pick her up from school!? More importantly, why is my 3 year old talking so much about him. She sees him often enough to know that he is our friend but not enough to be calling him by his nickname or wanting him to pick her up from school. I was confused but thought I would let it go. She has mentioned "Otis" almost everyday since. My friend "Otis" this and "Otis" that and "Otis" is driving me here and there. I was really baffled but thought it was cute that she had picked up on conversations we adults had and remembered my dear friend.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks when yesterday she was going on and on about "Otis" and mentioned him being black and white. Then I told her Otis didn't have black hair but brown hair with the beginnings of some very distinguishing gray. She looked puzzled and said: "No mommy, cows are black and white." At that very moment I really felt stupid. Like totally and completely beyond a blond moment. How could I possibly believe that my 3 year old who has only spent a little time with Otis, out of the complete blue just start obsessing about him. Don't get me wrong Otis is a great guy and an even better friend but I have to admit it was a bit of a stretch. To my defense, because I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, she did find a photo of Otis about a month ago from his son's birthday party and walked around with it all day telling me that was her daddy's friend and he was so cute. So I thought it was a lingering obsession with Otis. Now, I understand that she has her very own "Otis" obsession but instead of our friend it is with a big black and white cow.

Sorry, Otis. I know you are deeply disappointed. Hey, at least she thought your picture was cute! (by the way, I sent you a copy. hope you liked it.)

Now, every time she says "Otis" I laugh. How funny will it be the next time Otis comes to the house. You can bet I will bring her to him and tell her to say Hi, to Otis. Let's see who she loves more. Cow or Man? (prop bets, anyone?)


Otis said...

That made me laugh in a number of different places.

Give the rugrat a hug for me and tell her it comes from the non-cow Otis.

Anonymous said...

I thought this might put a smile on your face. Kids are silly. Guess that is a good thing. Keeps us young.