May's Ending

The month of May is coming to an end and I have realized that all winter and majority of spring has come and gone with many failed attempts at my New Year's resolution. My grandparents were pretty healthy people. I don't have any genetic health issues to worry about but yet I watch my parents suffer medical problems. This is what ignited my resolution of a healthy life style. It is important for me to be active after my children have left the nest. I want more for my "senior" years than sitting around and waiting for life to happen. Thus, a commitment to living a more healthy lifestyle that would include: eating the right foods, exercise program, and feeding the mind and soul with more fulfilling habits. For most of my life I have been one of those girls that people love to hate. I can eat what I want without gaining a pound. I was blessed with a high metabolism. My mother was the same way. She was a bean pole: 5'8, blond hair, blue eyes, and 120 lbs. Unfortunately for me my paternal grandmother left her mark of height and I came out average height and a brunette. Oh well. Back to the point of being a slacker. As I was lying on a boat this weekend catching some harmful UV rays, I realized that I hadn't given my resolution a real shot. I had let school schedules, household duties, and anything else get in my way of a real shot at changing my lifestyle. I am concerned at this point in my life because I know my high metabolism won't last forever and when it slows down I want to be ready. I have stayed on track with eating well but the others seem to fall to the side. I have attempted on several occasions to workout and I actually enjoy it but need to continue long enough for it to become a habit. As far as "mind and soul"; I have issues with doing things for myself. I enjoy putting others needs ahead of my own but afterwards realize how overwhelming that can be not to mention exhausting. I know this sounds a bit self centered and I don't mean it to be but my life needs a bit more balance. So, I have decided to dive into June full force. I am committed to working out and getting a toner body, continuing to eat healthy or minimize the junk, but most importantly, make time for me. I want to spend more time with my friends, family, and find relaxing activities to enjoy. The summer is a perfect time of year to re-charge my battery.....at least I am going to try.

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