Who Am I?

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and as a Mother I expected the usual treatment to some degree. My princesses are still at an age where they need guidance to help make Mother's Day special. TheMark and I had a late Saturday night that had led into Sunday morning. The princesses spent the night at a friend's house so one of us had to go pick them up. After waking up, I looked lovingly at my husband as he lie there snoring and realized he needed the extra sleep more than I did and my friend needed some time without the little princesses. So, off I went to pick them up and grab some breakfast. I was really hungry. I hadn't eaten but one sandwich the evening before and it was a small one. We decided on Waffle House. My two little ladies and I sat at the bar ordered our tea and coffee and enjoyed our meal. I really enjoyed their company. Afterward, we shopped for some shoes and headed home to wake up TheMark. I know he appreciated the fact that I let him sleep in on Mother's Day. We had planned to go to the in-laws place for dinner and TheMark was to go early to help cook and set up. We all went together and had a great time. He didn't let me lift a finger and it was wonderful. It is the ultimate compliment to pamper the one you love and show them just how much they mean to you by doing whatever they ask. :)

After dinner was gifts and cards. I am not sure why TheMark presented mine at the in-laws instead of home but he did. It was a wooden rifle he had replicated from an old one I had in high school. I had mentioned to him a couple of weeks ago about making a new one for myself and he surprised me with it. It was really nice. Most of the family didn't know what it was or that I was even on the color guard in high school. I was astonished at just how little my own family (in-laws) didn't know about me. It got me thinking.... what do people know about me? How would I be described?

It seems as a society we run through the rat race called life without taking a moment to really ask questions about people. What they like to do? What their favorite hobby is? What they did growing up? By getting to know someones history you get to really know them. The color guard was a big part of my childhood. It took up 6 years. As I think about this, I realize I want the people in my life to know the real me. Not the me they run into while at the PTA meetings, pre-school drop off, family birthday parties, but the true history of me. So in light of this new found growth I am opening the blog floor to questions. Ask. I will answer.
As a show of faith.......I will get things started:

1. What did you enjoy most growing up?

I started twirling a rifle when I was in the 6th grade. I watched my older sister do it and thought.....why not me. By the time the summer was over I had made the 7th grade squad. (In Jersey 7th & 8th grade are middle school then comes 9-12 in high school) This was the bottom and I wasn't satisfied with that. The next year I made captain. It was great. But my real goal was the high school squad. That was where the real competition began. I practiced every day for several hours. One afternoon, I was trying something I have tried a million times before and somehow lost my grip. The tip of the rifle hit my mouth. It was a bloody mess. After the visit to the ER, my front tooth had shifted slightly and I had 7 stitches on my top lip. (still have the scar to prove it) But, this was my passion. So, when my coach called the next day asking me when I'd be back to practice, I told him tomorrow. I knew I couldn't milk this or I'd be afraid to go back. So, back I went and reached farther than my big sister did when she was on the squad. In my Junior year, there was an upset over who got captain. It was announced the there would be 2 Captains and in a high school with over a hundred years of tradition this was a big deal. I was disappointed because I felt the decision was based on politics and not talent. So instead of letting it get me down I tried even harder and Senior year I created and performed a routine that blew her away. My ending finale was a quad (4 rotations) with me fully rotating around underneath it to gracefully catch it on my knees. (couldn't do this today without tons of practice) That sealed the deal and we were back to one captain and one co-captain with me earning the top spot. It was glorious. I loved that time of my life. Looking back I would change some things but never those moments.
After that, I set out to test my skills. I joined a drum corp. That was the hardest day in and day out, kick your butt workout I had ever done. I had been on track and swimming with screaming coaches pushing you but nothing compared to the way they would drill us for 8 hours and then I had and hour ride home. Not sure I would want to do that over again but so glad I had the momentum to do it then. I have always wanted to coach a rifle squad at a middle or high school so if anyone knows if there is a need, let me know.

2. Favorite drink: hot tea w/ milk

3. Music: country, blues, jazz, r&b, dance, top hits, rock, but nothing like bad blood....

4. Love my hair to be touched, played with, or stroked. It is so relaxing. My mom used to stroke my hair to get me to fall asleep at night when i was little.

5. I knew addition and subtraction at 5......mom would practice with me at the grocery store.

6. When I was upset with my parents I would storm off dramatically and tell them "I am so exasperated."

7. Played the violin for many years, all classical.

8. Went to community college and got 2 associates degrees: liberal arts and business administration then onto Southern Wesleyan for my BSBA

9. love convertibles

10. love nice clothes, although I don't wear tehm as much as I'd like because I don't get to show many people by being a domestic diva. Favorites are: Cache, Boston Proper, and Victoria Secret clothing line.

11. Am happy to be happy. Grateful to live each day in a stable environment with two great princesses and a husband that provides me with just about anything I want.

Anything else.............just ask..........there's plenty more.....

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shep said...

Whats your favorate color?
Where or how did you and themark meet?
Who pick out and why the princesses beautifull names?
Tell us about your fist kiss details please who and where?

this will get you started