What the hell is up?

So, life has been busy as usual. I have been consistent with my workouts and feel as if I am at a point that I can actually workout with someone. Some of my goals are to bench my weight or get real close, definition in my legs and arms, lift the buttocks, and killer abs. I have reached a starting point where my body realizes something is about to change. I am hoping it will respond well.

So what has been up on my side of the fence? Well.......... My parents recently went through some surgeries that were risky but successful. I am thankful for that. Now, Dad has a pace maker, some new stints, and other things that are being monitored. Mom's surgery was routine and successful but the word "cancer" always scares me. But all is well.

GucciRick celebrated another birthday in style. We went to his house for an intimate party that led to singing on an awesome karaoke system. I really felt for everyone when I started singing. I think the Heart duet with my sister-in-law and GucciRick's Purple Rain were the best. I had a great time. So good in fact, the entire bottle of wine was gone before I left. oops. Then off to play some cards. I continued to swallow down a few jager bombs with my favorite dealer and a couple of heart palpitations on my own before calling it a night. Oh, what a night! Good stuff.

The following week brought Father's Day and a goodbye I thought I was OK to make. TheMark and GucciRick were off to Vegas for the WSOP. After dropping Sweetness off at the airport, I felt pretty good about being a single parent for the week. I had lined up activities for my little ladies and planned some time for myself as well. During the day we went to the pool with the mini bloods and had a great time being lazy. In the evening, the little ladies went to VBS. I had a couple of hours each night to shop, eat, whatever. It was cool until I hit "hump day". Wednesday night hit me hard. I really missed Sweetness and hadn't felt this way in a long time if ever. I am used to him working and hitting some cards afterwards but I always wake up with him next to me. It is weird. I miss his physical presence. As independent as I am, I know I can handle most things that come my way, but I enjoy a man, My Man, around the house. He gives me a sense of security and love that I just can't live without. It is great to have his arms around me to feel the love in every hug. I am so thankful he doesn't have a job to that travels a lot because after this past week I couldn't handle that very well. I am still waiting for my Sweetness to come home. His return flight has been cancelled twice. He is stuck in DC at the moment waiting to board a flight to ATL to connect again to GSP. When he finally makes it here. I ain't letting go. So, no calling the house or cell we won't answer.....lol

Have a good one.

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