Happy Birthday, America!

The honor of celebrating America's birthday fell into our lap six years ago. The Mark's parents always threw the party before that but one year for some reason we threw it and have kept it going ever since. We enjoy gathering with our friends for any reason so why not on the 4th of July. Pretty soon I will have to have T-shirts made up for attendees to wear. (Note to self: great idea for next year....t-shirts as the invitation)

Unfortunately I have plunged into summer mode and temporarily fired the housekeeper. She was doing such a great job and then summer hit and she just slacked off. So, a week before our bash, I rehired her to get things organized. (housekeeper = me) I started with organizing my front office / living area. We have never really had a purpose for this room due to the long narrow dimensions so it has but the catch all room. I have always hated that since it is the first room you see when walking into the house. About 4 years ago, I asked TheMark to build me a Wall Bed. After completion we flanked it with a pair of bookcases and this is where our "out of town guest" (aka my family) would sleep when visiting. It has served its purpose and now it was time to give my front room some life. So, out went the wall bed (gave to the in-laws for their guest room) and out went the book cases that clashed with my wall color and in came a new room design. My desk was moved to a more appropriate spot dividing the room in half but offering more space. I love it. It was difficult for me to arrive at my decision due to the enormous amount of stuff I had jammed on the bookcases. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated in the short time we have lived here. I was able to find temporary homes for most of the items. I went through the rest of the house in a similar fashion. Perhaps there is a small audience that can appreciate the effort and determination it takes to sift through treasures and weed out things that aren't used, broken, old, new, misplaced, etc. With most tasks, I am eager in the beginning but find myself burning out towards the end. Frankly, work isn't fun. So I tend to lose momentum. A party is always a great way to kick my butt in high gear. Although, I am not finished. I would like to move the love seat in my office area and purchase a large ottoman to use as a coffee table or even use our existing coffee table. Then in the keeping room, which is used as our living room, purchase a oversize club chair. I have seen one that is round that swivels, and rocks...pretty cool. That is the idea anyway. We will see how it comes together.

Enough about my interior designing and housekeeping abilities. TheMark and I also celebrated our 8th year of martial bliss. As usual, we were to busy planning and working to celebrate the night of but after the first couple of years it really didn't matter whether we celebrated the night of or within the week. Of course, we exchanged sappy and funny little cards with each other but to be honest my anniversary doesn't usually feel any different than any other day. I mean it isn't as if we were renewing vows with a ceremony or anything. Don't get me wrong we have been able to celebrate by doing some amazing things. One year we went to a spa for the weekend, another year we celebrated late and went to Maui, even went to Vegas for our 5th but all that isn't necessary for me. The most wonderful thing about my marriage is that on any given day I remember the love and joy we share together. So, why just spend one day a year celebrating / remembering it together. I celebrate it each time we go out to eat together, each time we hold hands walking downtown, watching silly home video's of our vacations, looking at pictures from various activities, or lying in bed and watching rented movies. For me it is the time that I have with the people I love that strengthens the bond we have. I am very lucky to have married my best friend and a wonderfully generous man who has given me so many happy memories that I look forward to creating new ones every day. (I am a chick of course I had to throw some sappy junk in there)

Thought of the day: do something nice for someone today. just a simple phone call to say hey can really brighten some one's day.

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