Summer Lovin' its Happening so Fast

Another month has gone by since posting and I can't believe how the time flew. This summer has been rockin'. We have been busy visiting TheDepot and having a blast with that. The youngest rugrat turned 4 last week and we had a party for her that included ice cream cupcakes and a face painter. All her friends were very pleased with getting full facial paintings. I am posting today from my sister's house in Jersey. Up here on vaca with my family. My dad recently underwent gall bladder surgery. He also has to have two aneurysms taken out in a few weeks after he heals from this surgery. On a lighter note, he is home and we are happy. It has been fun so far. On our drive up here went went through Gettysburg, PA & Hershey for some chocolate...mmmm love their chocolate. We are heading to A.C. today. I will watch over the rugrats while TheMark gets some poker in. My nephew might come along and babysit in the room so I can get out for a bit. Perhaps poker or perhaps a little drinky at the bar. Either way I am happy. Later in the week we are hitting my sister's comedy club. Anyone interested in joining us....go to ... www.knuckleheadstomsriver.com . We will be going to the Friday show, would love to see you there.

Anyway, gotta run. heading to the gym and to the nail lady for a pedi before hitting the beach.....see ya back in G-Vegas next week.

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AlCantHang said...

Hanging around in my neck of the woods and not a single email to go gambling. If I wasn't so drunk I'd be hurt ;)