Ya, I have been lost. Lost in my own world. There has been so many things that have been filling my days that a recap would take too much time and be rather boring soooooo no recap.
My dad is recovering nicely from his gall bladder surgery. He will be under the knife again once recovered from this. It doesn't seem to end but we are oping this will be it for awhile. The oldest rug rat started school and is adjusting. She isn't too sure about her teacher.....but I think she will be fine. The youngest starts up next week. Then I will have my days back again. I have slacked off on going to the gym. I was going strong when I had someone to meet me or make me accountable. I will give myself the holiday weekend off and start back up after that. I really enjoy going and more importantly how great I feel after I leave. I have more energy. It's great. So between PTA, running the rug rats, chasing The Mark, and fitting in a little time for myself, there isn't too much time left. I read about a G-Vegas game that got robbed. That crap is just crazy. To be honest, I didn't think it would have happened. I know the threat is there but here. I can't imagine what those people, some of them friends, were going through. I think I would have crapped my pants or just froze. They would have told me to do something and I would have been like a babbling idiot and not been able to do anything. Then they would have shot my ass. Crazy people.

In mid Oct. we are planning to go camping with some friends in NC. I am looking forward to that. It was our first year last year and we had a ball. I have already bought a few surprises for the group to enjoy. The rug rats have a great time running around and once they are asleep in the tent, we get to enjoy some alone time. It really is a nice time. Anyone interested in going, let me know i will get you the info.

Not sure what we have planned for the holiday weekend coming up but I hope it doesn't involve too much. looking forward to some down time. Especially, since the old birthday is creeping it's ugly head. I only have a couple of weeks before it hits me in the face...ugg

have a great labor day.....labor free!

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Student of Life said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing well.

Oh, and school rules!